Canyurtlar Corporate

Our company started manufacturing in 1988 as a stove shop at the Stove Bazaar in Ankara. Occupational experience, on the other hand, continues to be inherited from grandson to grandchildren since 1940.

Today, our company maintains its production activities at its manufacturing plant located on the Industrial Zone in Ivedik district of Ankara province. Our manufacturing plant is established as a closed area of 3000 m2 with 3 divisions, on an open area of 5000 m2. Almost all the products you see on our website are manufactured at the equipment pool located in the first division. The manufactured products are completed at the enameling and static powder coating furnaces within the second division. Finally, packaging, storage and transportation procedures are carried out at the third division. The gas boiler flues, hermetic flues, stove flues, stove accessories, barbecue pit and accessories produced by our company are all offered to you, our valued customers, as an outcome of the combination of bleeding-edge technology and best quality.

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