Stainless Steel Flue

In the manufacture of flues, the first material selection must be made ​​accurately. The use of incorrect material in the choice of materials, will create problems in the use phase, as part of the cost in excess can escape.

Stainless steels vary in terms of quality. Under such circumstances only in the choice of materials should be kept at the forefront of chemical and mechanical values. shape and surface properties of the material again and holds an important place in. A preferred material because of low prices during the life of advancing serious material and moral damage you can!


Low alloy or non-alloy steels with dayanlıklılık against the effects of corrosion show, because usually in this type of production of stainless steels are preferred.

Stainless steel flues are more expensive than other types of steel. But less maintenance cost, long-lasting and durable, recycling completely free of point-blank with a way to provide a structure to be environmentally friendly, DG ensure that species are more advantageous compared to.