Steel Flue

Stainless steel chimney systems of solid, liquid and gas are used in energy-consuming devices. The best feature top quality sealing sleeve is capable of

Stainless steel chimneys' in the use of the fuel can get the best results. , Can form during the combustion of the fuel is also reduced to a minimum risk of environmental pollution.

Steel chimney systems, the temperature is at a minimum level of permeability, to provide the best performance during combustion.

Our steel chimney systems outside their aesthetic and can adapt to any kind of exterior structure, does not spoil the appearance of the building. Adaptability and ease of installation due to mounting costs that reduce the choice is among the reasons also.


During assembly of steel chimneys cysteine, in order to show the best performance, all without missing parts, exactly, the original experiments and use the results as determined in accordance with the dimensions.

In outdoor installation tools such as scaffolding or cranes are used. First passages for steel chimneys checked by our carrier are marked by detecting the tripod position.

The chimney top, by the will be mounted steel flue system is properly completed on behalf of the scales is extended. Chimney is flat after reports showed that the steel chimney carrier coffee table is placed. Carriers tripod on the condensate cleaner pipe TEA placed. Fixing brackets on the previously determined size of the steel chimney is fixed to the mounting portion edilceg. Steel pipes during installation, the distance must be high precision. After connecting pipes to each other are connected at the tip seal breaker, is added on top of the cowl.

Besides all these features steel chimneys, susceptibility to corrosion and durability, smooth surface formed with the availability of Kolasin, with the use of physical characteristics such as being lightweight is quite relieved.